One of the most common coping mechanisms for pain and struggle is denial. Just the thought of voicing the issue out loud brings a quickening of the heart due to anxiety and the gnawing of shame in the pit of our stomach.

The story we tell ourselves is that if it stays locked inside our mind and our heart then it will not be our truth. We think we will be protected from the pain.

Our spouse won’t really be medicating their pain with alcohol.

Our child isn’t actually battling depression.

Our anxious thoughts aren’t really isolating us from the outside world.

Our parent’s arguments don’t lead us to feel alone in our own home.

We believe that we are safe with these things locked inside. But the truth is that the struggles grow in the darkness and isolation. The very moment that we acknowledge it is real is when we open our hearts up to heal.

Maybe you are the person needing to step out and acknowledge your pain today. If you need a safe place to take that step, reach out and Mosaics of Mercy can connect you to a counselor or group that is a fit for you.

Maybe today is the day for you to be the safe person for someone to open up to. Listening without judgment will provide fertile ground for healing for someone in pain.

Together we can create an environment where people can courageously step out and acknowledge a struggle and are met with open arms. Together we can heal.


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