Courage ~ It’s Fear Walking

It has been my tendency to want to want the fear to go away before I do the walking.

I think I will step out when…
I know it is going to all come together.
I have the reassurance that I won’t be rejected.
I know it will make an impact.
I believe I will be protected from hurt.

I don’t feel vulnerable.

In that waiting, I find myself on the sidelines of my life, watching not living. I mistake courage for stepping into a perfect scenario where I am protected from the possible negative outcome.

So I’ve learned it is a daily choice to step out despite the fear because it is in the stepping that the courage meets me, not before I put the foot out.

We can mistake comfortable for “good,” and it is often the uncomfortable that leads to the growth and freedom we have wished for all along.

If you find yourself in the place today where you are paralyzed in that fear and not sure how to take that next step to find the mental health resources for your journey, Mosaics of Mercy is here to help.


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