A Grandmother’s Story: Are there just too many broken pieces to fit?

“Ultimate hope is accepting what is beyond our control and believing that God will use the circumstances of our lives to help us grow in holiness.” Fr. J Michael Sparough 

I did not foresee or imagine the blessings in my life that have come to be in the midst of all the struggle.  One of my biggest shares of hope to anyone who talks to me, many through my role at Mosaics of Mercy, is to look around and feel gratitude for those around you in this walk.  Today I received a gift of inspirational words from a fellow grandmother who attends our Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren group.  The depth of honesty and faith had all in our group tearfully relating. I’m honored to be in the midst of these strong women and grateful one of them allowed me to share some of her words to benefit whoever needs them right now.  This is who we are at Mosaics of Mercy, a place of hope and inspiration – never so evident to me than today.  I’m thankful she explored her feelings after her experience in a Mosaics of Mercy workshop.   This is an important read for yourself or possibly to support a friend doing this unexpected journey. We are a growing population in this country.


“…..God has prepared us to minister to hurting parents through our experience with one of our sons who struggles with addiction.  He and his ex-wife are the parents of our 10 yr old granddaughter. A year ago May, she came to live with us exclusively. This was unexpected and would definitely alter the course I had chosen for our retirement years!  I was open to these changes, and I was telling myself that God had a better plan in store for us, but I grieved the loss of MY plan! It was a good one! It was full of quality time with my husband and our growing family.  It included quiet time with the Lord and service to others. I liked MY plan! Going back to 3rd grade was going to seriously put the brakes on my travel plans! Re-parenting was causing confusion and conflict with grand parenting.

In January, I attended a support group for Grandmothers raising Grandchildren at a nonprofit called Mosaics of Mercy.  (That month) I participated in their hallmark exercise of making a mosaic heart. I could smash china or choose from pieces already broken to create something beautiful from the shattered waste.  As I carefully selected each broken bit, I pondered those things I held closest to my heart. Try as I may, I could not get the pieces I had chosen to fit gracefully on my heart template. I left there dissatisfied with the exercise.  Then as I pulled from my parking place, it hit me, my heart was too full! I didn’t know how to make all the pieces fit anymore! I cried much of the way home from the Woodlands. And I prayed that God would make the pieces fit so that I could embrace this child and the return to elementary school with joy!  

Since January, I have looked for what Scripture says about joy and discovered it is almost always paired with suffering.  I finished our Cornerstone study of Revelation with its message of hope for the faithful. I joined a group of women to study Lysa Terkeurst’s “It’s Not Supposed to be This Way” and discovered it IS supposed to be this way!  And now James opens with “Consider it all joy!” I am trusting God to show me which pieces belong on my heart at this moment. I’ve discarded some much loved and once useful pieces to make room for others more suited for now.  It was impossible for me to make all the pieces come together to create a graceful mosaic heart, but for God all things are possible!”


Final thoughts from Paige – we are always blessed by the deep and ongoing thoughts from our mosaic workshops, but nothing is better than a continuous study by our participants of where these broken pieces fit in their mosaic….today I learned they may not all fit on the heart right now and that is ok.  Some may fit later and some may not be intended to stay on it.   Thank you for this gift of perspective, M!   



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