“I feel alone.”
“No one understands.” “
“We don’t know where to go for help.”
“We have a list of providers but we don’t know which one fits our situation.”
“Am I not praying hard enough or am I doing something wrong in my faith journey?”
“As an organization we don’t know what to do for those who come to us with a mental health or addiction struggle.”

These are all examples of statements we hear at Mosaics of Mercy and in our community. What is the common thread? They are all seeking helpful connections to address mental health and addiction struggles. They want people to walk with them, professionals to guide them, and a God who loves them. Yet they don’t know how to find those connections!

Mosiacs’ mission starts with us being “a hub.” Hub is defined as a central connection point or the heart of something (which we love the heart analogy!) We believe that our community is in need of a hub to provide connections to address the things they are feeling and asking around mental health and addiction. Mosaics carries this out through our programs that provide education, help navigate available mental health resources, and cultivate community along with artistic expression to show different perspective on brokenness.

If you have these feelings or questions, we are here for you. If you can partner with us to create this hub, we welcome you. It is through uniting around this hub in our community that we can all join together to help change lives…one heart at a time. ?


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