A Signpost that reads, “Breast Cancer”

Throughout the month of October, we turn our attention to those that are or have battled breast cancer. In honor of those that have traveled this path, Mosaics of Mercy and Breast Cancer Awareness salutes your unique journey along that path. Whether your story “looks” like a success story as the world defines or not, there is always hope. The road can be long and arduous, and even appear to be one of defeat…but the war is not over, even if not every battle is won.

For me, I traveled the path of Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma BC back in 2010 and can say that I remain cancer-free nine years later and intend to keep it that way for the long haul. My cancer journey taught me many things about myself, and for that, I will be forever grateful. It seems that since that time, I have had the invitation to look not only at my physical health but also the countless other factors that make me who I am as a healthy woman. To think that my physical health is the sole factor in determining my overall state of health would be foolish. As time passes, I know my thoughts, attitude, and beliefs towards each life challenge play a significant role in this overall state of well-being. As my mind, spirit, AND body trust in God’s divine plan for wholeness in all His children—I am free to release more and more of my need for control and pick up whatever He says leads to life. With each life-challenge I encounter, the more practice I get.
Usually, we see lots of pink in October. Truth be told, I don’t do as much pink as folks might think I would…being a survivor and all. I suppose I am learning to embrace the non-conformist in me! Rather than posting a pink heart today, I decided to show you this random/not-so-random heart I made last month. Life at Mosaics of Mercy has been so full that I rarely take the time to sit and mosaic without intention, but I sensed a nudge to sit and create an imperfect piece WITH God. Each broken piece of tile and little trinket you see here is deeply symbolic of my life journey the past few years. Although this mosaic heart might not catch many people’s attention if they were looking through our inventory for a lovely one, to me…each piece tells a story and speaks LIFE AND PURPOSE into MY heart. That is just what I love about all Beauty in Brokenness© workshops have become. The process of creating one does something to each person when they are willing to sit and sacrifice a few hours to walk through the creative process. Lover of all things art or the furthest from creativity are welcome. There is something in this process for everyone.
This month, consider grabbing a group that has been touched by cancer and schedule your own Beauty in Brokenness© mosaic workshop with me today. I can take up to 12 in my art room, or I can come to you if you’ve got even more.


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