Amy Hauser

I love sharing the hope that God has invited each of us into and that is why I invested my passion into Mosaics of Mercy.  I am known as “my bride” to Tom and “mama” to our two adult children, Ross and Sara. Married almost 30 years, Tom and I are empty nest years and leading even fuller lives AND schedules than ever before!

In 2009, our family moved to Texas from our home state of Iowa, where I received my BA in Human Resources, Training and Development from the University of Northern Iowa in 1989.

With a passion for people, art, and Jesus, I have been honored to create, grow and share Beauty In Brokenness artistic expression through mosaics in many ways. Whether one-on-one or in groups as large as 50 or more, this experiential process invites healing for any form of brokenness. Originally shared with foster families and cancer survivors and now with mental health and addiction recovery, Beauty In Brokenness has evolved and been shared in many forms and venues. From steamy, hot garages to retreat centers and camps, hospitals, churches, schools, and more – people come together to hear Truth and now Mosaics of Mercy can invite people in and share a space that is warm and inviting. As a team that personally understands the struggle and longs to encourage others who might find it hard to see the beauty in the midst of brokenness, know that we will always have a seat at the table for you to experience the true Beauty in Brokenness.


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