There is a quote by Bill Bennot that says, “how we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we walk with the great.” I experienced my qualifiers for that brokenness early in my life through struggles with anorexia, alcohol, depression, and OCD. A registered nurse was instrumental in guiding me along the path toward recovery and how she and others walked with me spoke loudly into my life. As a result, I studied nursing at Texas Christian University and incorporated an independent study program focused on psychiatric nursing. Upon graduating with my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing in 1996, I became a registered nurse. I have been on staff at inpatient and outpatient psychiatric facilities, worked in the capacity of charge nurse, and currently do assessments for patients that come to the Texas Children’s ER with mental health issues. Throughout my education and career, I have also had the opportunity to give trainings on providing emotional support for those struggling with medical or mental health issues.Mosaics of Mercy has provided me the opportunity to combine my educational background and personal recovery journey to educate on mental health and addiction issues. This can happen while leading formal trainings in the community, connecting others to mental health resources, or while creating mosaic hearts.

My most important role in life is being a wife to Chris, my husband for over 25 years, and mom to two amazing kiddos, Alison and Clay. I am so blessed to have each of them share their own hearts and talents to support Mosaics of Mercy.

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