“I am so inspired by everyone involved with this organization. They offer empowerment guidance and empathy for those struggling with brokenness from various mental health disorders, addiction and past traumas. They are an incredible resource as they are plugged in and have a pulse on many of the areas mental health facilities/addiction treatment programs, faith based programs etc… Please get involved and support this much-needed organization and don’t forget to pass their information on to people in need of their services. I am so grateful for all of the support they have offered me and my organization at Legacy House sober living for women…. Thank you Mosaics of Mercy for all you do!!”

Kim L, owner of sober living home and employee of treatment center

“The person who has not experienced a family member in a behavioral health crisis has no idea how stressful this can be.  For many, perhaps most, the stress of dealing with the family member is so high that folks cannot process even simple information, and nothing about seeking behavioral health treatment is simple.  These families are in desperate need of someone who can support them by breaking down the next steps for treatment into pieces that they can absorb and retain.  Family navigators provide that compassionate support that is critical to effective treatment and healing – without this backing, the family’s chances for success diminish significantly.”

Evan Roberson, Executive Director of Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare, describing the value of family navigators at Mosaics of Mercy

“Mosaics of Mercy has been a lifeline for me over the past year and a half. When I was going through deep waters with my child’s struggles, I reached out to Mosaics. Their compassionate response and their willingness to help me find other resources was like having a lifejacket over me, helping me to stay above the stormy weather; guiding me on, shining God’s love and light into my hurting heart. Ultimately all the wonderful support, helped to encourage me to step out and co-facilitate a support group for other hurting moms through the ministry of Mosaics. Knowing that I am not alone, made all the difference in the world to me.”

Trisha, Parent in need of hope and navigation and a Mosaics of Mercy volunteer

“No one seeks counseling support when everything is alright. Reaching out when in pain and despair is hard. School counselors strive to develop resiliency and teach social/emotional skills connecting our students, families, and staff with valuable resources within our community when they need wrap around services. Mosaics of Mercy travels this difficult path with our families , guiding them to support options and individually focused referrals. “

Denise Cipolla, Coordinator for Guidance and Counseling for CISD

What a true blessing to have Mosaics of Mercy as a resource for my patients and for referrals. I have so many patients that need mental health resources especially at this time. I know whenever I involve Sherry and the Mosaics team my patients are in the best hands possible! 

Dr. Hannah Shelton, local physician

“Mosaics of Mercy led a crisis-intervention training for our high school small group leaders. So many times, students will confide in adult leaders with their personal struggles, yet these good intentioned adults do not know what to do with such delicate information. Sherry did an incredible job equipping our leaders with the tools they need to feel confident in their role as a mentor to these young people. She gave real life examples, provided necessary knowledge and was able to answer all questions thoroughly. I’m so glad we had Mosaics of Mercy train our leaders!”

Caitlin Dale, former Youth Ministry Leader at The Woodlands United Methodist Church

“In the midst of the chaos that became my life; Mosaics of Mercy provided me with a refuge of calm. I am so very fortunate to have found Paige, who in turn brought Sherry, Amy and Alison into my life and Mosaics of Mercy. The work they do, the lives they touch, the hope they bring, is indescribable; it is just AMAZING! Not only did they support me with resources and rally to help me while I was trying to help a loved one; I have been fortunate enough to support them, “make hearts” and see the work they do behind the scenes. The commitment, passion and desire to make a difference and help break the stigma can truly be felt in every area of this charity!”

Naetha, Parent in need of hope and navigation

”I am thankful to God for the ministry of Mosaics of Mercy and for the way it calls attention to the areas of mental illness and addiction. Their encouragement to have honest conversations about things that many of us, our family members, and our friends struggle with is life-giving. I have a Mosaics of Mercy heart mosaic on my desk at work that my wife gave me which features the word “Heal.” Whenever I look at it, it reminds me of the beauty for who I am in Christ despite my brokenness and the wife who loves me and never ceases to pray for me.”

Ken, recipient of mosaic heart and participant in Mosaic heart workshop


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