Typical life, loving Christian parents, awesome siblings, sheltered and protected. College life was a source of great pain for me. I remember really trying to fight who I was and struggled with any kind of real understanding of God and who He was in my life. I was living a double life for sure. Sorority life brought about for me an alternate reality due to my excessive drinking and one night everything changed. I had put myself in a position to be hurt. And I was. My drinking became more about coping…than living. More about forgetting the past than living for the moment. Drinking continued after I dropped out of college and into the early years of marriage. Then one day it became too much and I cried out to the Lord for help and phoned my mom, who had been praying for me.

A new life began. Not an easy one…but I was on a new path. I’m still walking that path and have a passion for helping those afflicted with the disease of addiction and the struggles of mental illness. I know my brokenness has led me to a glorious life in Jesus Christ. He is my rock and my redeemer.


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