This is Where My Path Diverges

So much life has been lived since this photo in 2016 when individual paths merged and Mosaics of Mercy was formed. Our shared bond of hearts shattered by various life events emboldened us to step forward and share our stories in the hope of breathing life into others…and did we ever! God paved the way […]

Intentional Reading through Proverbs ~ Encouragement During These Times

There seem to be countless ways to grow ourselves during this season of quarantine. If you are looking for a suggestion on simple daily reading, here is one practice that has had a powerful impact on my heart this month. I started reading one chapter of Proverbs in The Passion Translation (TPT) through the Bible […]

Creative Expression for Times Such As These

It goes without saying that these are trying times for each of us. Tension fights to rise to the surface when we move away from the present moment and begin to think about the unknown surrounding our finances, health, commitments and more. Tension can also rise in our present moments as we deal with relationships […]

A Signpost that reads, “Breast Cancer”

Throughout the month of October, we turn our attention to those that are or have battled breast cancer. In honor of those that have traveled this path, Mosaics of Mercy and Breast Cancer Awareness salutes your unique journey along that path. Whether your story “looks” like a success story as the world defines or not, […]

Each Unique Journey

An important part of Mosaics’ mission is supporting each unique journey. A mosaic is a perfect analogy for the path of both helping and healing. Every individual, family, and organization’s process in pursuing mental health and addiction recovery may be made up of different pieces. There is no one size fits all and no one […]


Mosaics’ mission starts with us being a hub of empowerment. The actual definition of empowerment is becoming stronger and more confident; the giving of an ability and permission to do something. So what does empowerment look like around mental health and addiction for individuals, families, and our community? Here are some examples of how we […]

A Hub

“I feel alone.” “No one understands.” “ “We don’t know where to go for help.” “We have a list of providers but we don’t know which one fits our situation.” “Am I not praying hard enough or am I doing something wrong in my faith journey?” “As an organization we don’t know what to do […]

A Challenge to Myself

As an intern of the Mosaics team and for someone of eighteen years of age, I tend to believe that I’ve experience quite a number of struggles in a variety of categories but they have really never left the comfort of my mind and confines of my family. This post will be about some of […]

Defining Love

For most of my life, love has seemed to be this intangible mysterious thing. Undeserving. Out of reach. A privilege to the lucky few. And lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what love is. Less of a feeling, and more of an action. As much a battle and a resolve to fight as it […]

My Soul Waits for God Alone

Lo Alaman is noted for his poetry and the beauty of his spoken word.  You can hear him speak these powerful words at the end of the song on the link provided.  This video was recorded during a service at our church and my husband and I were both moved as his words unfolded around […]