Bridge From Resources to Awareness

A parent contacted Mosaics of Mercy for resources for their children. They were going through a difficult time as a family and seeing signs their children needed help with coping tools. They contacted their insurance and multiple counselors in the area but could not find one that had availability or was a fit. The awareness […]

In Loving Memory

At Mosaics, we often talk about the fact that we have front row seats to miracles. We get to see people “rescued through” facing their battles with mental health issues and addictions. We have even been those people which is why we do what we do. But the other side of that is that we […]

Book Review: I Love You Rituals

In our Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren support group, we enthusiastically share any new resources we have found to make our role more manageable, joyful, and peaceful.   One grandmother often shares about the books she’s read.   This one is for parents or (grand)parents.  Thank you Marcia Aegerter. ________________ My new favorite book is “I Love You […]

Choosing The Curb

“Who kicks a child to the curb?”  I hear the question related to adult children and even spouses often in boundary discussions in my support groups and at Mosaics.  “How will I be able to live with myself”  follows. It pains me every time I hear these words spoken, as I never believe we as […]

It’s Always the Small Pieces That Make the Big Picture

Have you ever thought about all the little bumps in the road and how they make you who you are? When I saw the beautiful heart in the picture, it made me reflect on even the little bumps and how they’ve impacted my life. Some of the things that came to mind were our four […]

Fixer in Recovery?

My biggest accomplishment of 2020 to date has been working two 1000-piece puzzles.  Yes, I’ve still been working at Mosaics putting together the financial puzzle of sorts, but at home during all hours, I’ve been plugging away at The Best of Colorado and The Joy of Pets.  To many that might not seem worthy of accomplishment […]

A Grandmother’s Story: Are there just too many broken pieces to fit?

“Ultimate hope is accepting what is beyond our control and believing that God will use the circumstances of our lives to help us grow in holiness.” Fr. J Michael Sparough  I did not foresee or imagine the blessings in my life that have come to be in the midst of all the struggle.  One of […]

What is your calming place?

The most common statement I receive is without a doubt “I could not do what you are doing.” My answer is always “of course, you could.” Some days/hours are harder than others, but wasn’t that also the case when we were younger raising our children? Most days I feel so blessed with the joys in […]

Rock Bottom

God is not subtle with me. I also know with true surrender comes an incredible relationship of trust with Him. Lately I’ve struggled with the term “rock bottom.” I’ve said it and questioned it so many times. What is hers, what is mine, what is His, what is anyone’s? As my buddy and I threw […]

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

I am that demographic! They even make t-shirts now. While I don’t like many labels, I also don’t like people feeling alone in their situation. I’m a planner but most of us never made a plan for this life. For my whole life, God’s had a big way of showing me plans are His and […]