World Suicide Prevention Day – Together We Can Make A Difference

Suicide. It isn’t a word that we ever have expectations will be part of our story or someone’s close to us. However, it shows up uninvited bringing pain and sorrow that can be hard for even the strongest of us to bear. It has arrived in my life in many different forms. My own battle […]

Freedom From Means Freedom To

Yesterday I was helping two moms. One has a daughter who is struggling with a mental health issue and she said to me, “I see you, I see hope.” Then I had another mom reach out about a rare medical diagnosis that we have experienced in our family. She typed to me that she had […]

In Memory

The specialty of Mosaics is hurting hearts and we can tell you that there are people all around you that are HURTING right now. They need a friend that can be present and hold space for them in their pain. They need to know they are not alone. Today, we join those hurting hearts as […]

First Responder – Super Hero or Human?

Thank you Mosaics of Mercy for having me out to record for your podcast on the mental health of first responders! I hope it reaches individuals and departments that are willing to address it head-on! ……….First responders are often silently burdened with the expectation to be strong poised heroes and show no signs of weakness. […]

Focused on Hope

The name of our podcast is Hope Pieced Together. The word in Mosaics of Mercy’s logo is hope. Why are we focused on hope? I think the Good News translation of Proverbs 13:12 says it concisely, “When hope is crushed, the heart is crushed.” We have expectations or hopes for our lives and the lives […]

Are Mental Health Struggles Contagious?

Sitting across from me at a tea room was the mother of a young adult. From the outside, you would not find any indication of the pain she was battling inside. The statement she made broke my heart. “I think people believe the struggles our family has been facing around our daughter’s mood disorder are […]

Season of Joy

Season of Joy. Some may read those words and be able to say they are in that season. Others may read them and feel a heaviness of the expectation that you “should” feel that way during the holidays. If you are in the midst of facing decisions to send a family member to treatment, battling […]

The Greatest Gift

Words of wisdom from Kate Turner, LPC that were shared in the Love and Logic Insider’s Club. ________ Have you ever felt so angry that tears fill your eyes? That’s the state I found myself in as I listened to my own precious children say some hurtful things to me — to me, the woman […]

What can you release this school year?

The beginning of the new school year is an excellent time to look at family priorities. To do this, take one of your hands and make a closed fist. In that hand envision the items in your child’s life that you consider non-negotiable. Some options might be grades, college, popularity, a strong faith, or athletic […]

Are you happy?

It is difficult for people who have never suffered from an addiction or mental health struggle to understand that even though your life is falling apart around you, the addiction/eating disorder/etc. feels safe and familiar. “It” feels like a friend. You have turned to it for both celebration and to face the pain. The idea […]