Don’t Look Away

Lady Gaga hit the nail on the head at the Grammy’s Sunday night. While addressing mental health issues in her speech, she said, “If you

Where is Your Butt?

There is silence on the other end of the line as I spend a full 15 minutes rattling off everything that I predict will be


/RE•PUR•POSE/ Def. verb adapt for use in a different purpose. We love the work we get to do. We were created for it…but some days

A Bubble

Looking at this mosaic heart in the glass dome sparked a thought. The Free Dictionary confirmed that thought by giving not only the obvious definition

Toward Mental Health

The end of our mission defines the population we have a desire to serve. The first segment we address are those moving toward mental health.

Toward Addiction Recovery

The second population that is part of our mission are those moving toward addiction recovery. One in seven people age twelve and older in our


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