Each Unique Journey

An important part of Mosaics’ mission is supporting each unique journey. A mosaic is a perfect analogy for the path of both helping and healing.


Mosaics’ mission starts with us being a hub of empowerment. The actual definition of empowerment is becoming stronger and more confident; the giving of an

A Hub

“I feel alone.” “No one understands.” “ “We don’t know where to go for help.” “We have a list of providers but we don’t know

Rock Bottom

God is not subtle with me. I also know with true surrender comes an incredible relationship of trust with Him. Lately I’ve struggled with the

A Challenge to Myself

As an intern of the Mosaics team and for someone of eighteen years of age, I tend to believe that I’ve experience quite a number

The Lost Sheep

As I was making a mosaic, I realized that I had broken a plate and there was one lone sheep separate from all the rest.

Defining Love

For most of my life, love has seemed to be this intangible mysterious thing. Undeserving. Out of reach. A privilege to the lucky few. And


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