/RE•PUR•POSE/ Def. verb adapt for use in a different purpose. We love the work we get to do. We were created for it…but some days are hard work days and others, like yesterday, are just pure fun! You see, we have recently been gifted with increased space for Mosaics of Mercy and are working hard […]

A Bubble

Looking at this mosaic heart in the glass dome sparked a thought. The Free Dictionary confirmed that thought by giving not only the obvious definition of a bubble, but the less obvious one of a isolative, protective coating. When you encounter a struggle, mental health or otherwise, the tendency can be to put up a […]

Toward Mental Health

The end of our mission defines the population we have a desire to serve. The first segment we address are those moving toward mental health. One component of this would be those who are facing mental infirmities which fall along a continuum of severity. Some examples would be eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, anxiety, and […]

Toward Addiction Recovery

The second population that is part of our mission are those moving toward addiction recovery. One in seven people age twelve and older in our community are affected by addictions to alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs. Within this population there is a rapidly growing opioid epidemic that has resulted in a 4.1 fold increase in […]

Can My Ashes Be Glued Back Together

Job 2:8 says, “Job sat on the pile of ashes where he was mourning and used a piece of broken pottery to scrape his sores.” When you are part of an organization that features mosaics, the words broken pottery stand out! If anyone qualifies for “broken pieces” in their life, Job does. While a mental […]

Each Unique Journey

An important part of Mosaics’ mission is supporting each unique journey. A mosaic is a perfect analogy for the path of both helping and healing. Every individual, family, and organization’s process in pursuing mental health and addiction recovery may be made up of different pieces. There is no one size fits all and no one […]


Mosaics’ mission starts with us being a hub of empowerment. The actual definition of empowerment is becoming stronger and more confident; the giving of an ability and permission to do something. So what does empowerment look like around mental health and addiction for individuals, families, and our community? Here are some examples of how we […]

A Hub

“I feel alone.” “No one understands.” “ “We don’t know where to go for help.” “We have a list of providers but we don’t know which one fits our situation.” “Am I not praying hard enough or am I doing something wrong in my faith journey?” “As an organization we don’t know what to do […]

Rock Bottom

God is not subtle with me. I also know with true surrender comes an incredible relationship of trust with Him. Lately I’ve struggled with the term “rock bottom.” I’ve said it and questioned it so many times. What is hers, what is mine, what is His, what is anyone’s? As my buddy and I threw […]

A Challenge to Myself

As an intern of the Mosaics team and for someone of eighteen years of age, I tend to believe that I’ve experience quite a number of struggles in a variety of categories but they have really never left the comfort of my mind and confines of my family. This post will be about some of […]