A Challenge to Myself

As an intern of the Mosaics team and for someone of eighteen years of age, I tend to believe that I’ve experience quite a number of struggles in a variety of categories but they have really never left the comfort of my mind and confines of my family. This post will be about some of […]

The Lost Sheep

As I was making a mosaic, I realized that I had broken a plate and there was one lone sheep separate from all the rest. Matthew 18:12-14 came to mind. When struggling with a mental illness or addiction yourself or as a bystander, you often feel very lost. You feel separated from God and from […]

Defining Love

For most of my life, love has seemed to be this intangible mysterious thing. Undeserving. Out of reach. A privilege to the lucky few. And lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what love is. Less of a feeling, and more of an action. As much a battle and a resolve to fight as it […]

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

I am that demographic! They even make t-shirts now. While I don’t like many labels, I also don’t like people feeling alone in their situation. I’m a planner but most of us never made a plan for this life. For my whole life, God’s had a big way of showing me plans are His and […]

My Soul Waits for God Alone

Lo Alaman is noted for his poetry and the beauty of his spoken word.  You can hear him speak these powerful words at the end of the song on the link provided.  This video was recorded during a service at our church and my husband and I were both moved as his words unfolded around […]


Kristen Minor of Whaleok made this beautiful mosaic necklace as a gift for the creator of Beauty in Brokenness. It is filled with semiprecious stones and aesthetically striking. She is a gifted artist who created a perfect rendition of the symbol of our ministry. So often works of art are tangible representations of meaningful things […]


I wrote this song about having hope in what only Jesus has for my life. As a result of the abuse I encountered from my father as a child, I grew to be quite a fearful adult. In 2011, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and started taking the appropriate medication. While it brought […]

Made New

Songs have the ability to evoke a strong emotional response and to be a source of inspiration for recovery.  My daughter takes voice lessons from an amazing woman by the name of Theresa Yow.  When she released her album entitled Made New in 2015, I was immediately drawn to the song that she used for […]

Sweet Encouragement

Sculpture information can be found at www.sculpturesbycindyburden.com. The sculpture by Cindy Burden entitled “Sweet Encouragement” is one that I have found inspirational in my walk.  I have not had to walk my journey in recovery alone.  God has given me women to walk along side me and share their experience, strength, and hope.  There have […]