What can you release this school year?

The beginning of the new school year is an excellent time to look at family priorities. To do this, take one of your hands and make a closed fist. In that hand envision the items in your child’s life that you consider non-negotiable. Some options might be grades, college, popularity, a strong faith, or athletic […]

What is your calming place?

The most common statement I receive is without a doubt “I could not do what you are doing.” My answer is always “of course, you could.” Some days/hours are harder than others, but wasn’t that also the case when we were younger raising our children? Most days I feel so blessed with the joys in […]

Are you happy?

It is difficult for people who have never suffered from an addiction or mental health struggle to understand that even though your life is falling apart around you, the addiction/eating disorder/etc. feels safe and familiar. “It” feels like a friend. You have turned to it for both celebration and to face the pain. The idea […]

Where is Your Butt?

There is silence on the other end of the line as I spend a full 15 minutes rattling off everything that I predict will be the outcome of my current struggle. The possibilities I am presenting, with an assurance that they will occur, are all negative. I make no room for positive alternatives. I take […]

Toward Addiction Recovery

The second population that is part of our mission are those moving toward addiction recovery. One in seven people age twelve and older in our community are affected by addictions to alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs. Within this population there is a rapidly growing opioid epidemic that has resulted in a 4.1 fold increase in […]

Alison Broussard

Typical life, loving Christian parents, awesome siblings, sheltered and protected. College life was a source of great pain for me. I remember really trying to fight who I was and struggled with any kind of real understanding of God and who He was in my life. I was living a double life for sure. Sorority […]

Paige Butler

Christmas 2016 ~ Years ago before my girls were born, out antiquing I purchased a Christmas plate of a sweet little blonde boy. After my two sweet brown-haired girls were born, I always laughed a bit when I’d set out the plate year after year. This year when I unwrapped the plate, the tears welled […]

Sherry Burkhard

When I was 15 years old I went to treatment for anorexia and alcoholism. I also had struggles with anxiety, severe depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder. I was broken and felt beyond hope that all the pieces could be put back together. In surrendering that I could not manage my life, God was able to […]

Amy Hauser

Why Mosaics of Mercy and Beauty in Brokenness? Why is it so important to me that others struggling know they are not alone? Because not only have I survived cancer, I have also experienced first hand the effects of mental illness and addiction (check out detox center in Costa Mesa here) . Both are illnesses, […]