How Do We Want to Close Out 2020?

Today we say goodbye to 2020. While we may not have the same stance on what 2020 should have been, I think we can all agree that it was a year that stretched us individually and collectively. For some, the tension led to growth and an openness to doing things in new ways. There was […]

Merry Christmas from Us

Love. We pray that each of you feel it’s presence today. We know for some there is celebration and joy and others there is grief because of a loss or a struggle. Regardless of where the day finds you, may you give yourself the gift of grace and love. Merry Christmas to each and every […]

Mental Health Matters

We do not just talk the talk about this as a family … we walk the walk. All four of us can tell you that it does make a difference to address your mental health. It is not something you have to feel shame about. And while your spiritual health is so important, spiritual and […]

Bridge From Resources to Awareness

A parent contacted Mosaics of Mercy for resources for their children. They were going through a difficult time as a family and seeing signs their children needed help with coping tools. They contacted their insurance and multiple counselors in the area but could not find one that had availability or was a fit. The awareness […]

Finding Serenity

My friend is upset. My husband is angry. My child is stressed. My family member is pursuing something I wouldn’t choose for them. All of these scenarios can trigger a flood of uncomfortable emotions in me. Fear, shame, embarrassment, doubt…to list a few. For many years I responded to these types of triggers by trying […]

In Loving Memory

At Mosaics, we often talk about the fact that we have front row seats to miracles. We get to see people “rescued through” facing their battles with mental health issues and addictions. We have even been those people which is why we do what we do. But the other side of that is that we […]

This is Where My Path Diverges

So much life has been lived since this photo in 2016 when individual paths merged and Mosaics of Mercy was formed. Our shared bond of hearts shattered by various life events emboldened us to step forward and share our stories in the hope of breathing life into others…and did we ever! God paved the way […]

World Suicide Prevention Day – Together We Can Make A Difference

Suicide. It isn’t a word that we ever have expectations will be part of our story or someone’s close to us. However, it shows up uninvited bringing pain and sorrow that can be hard for even the strongest of us to bear. It has arrived in my life in many different forms. My own battle […]

Book Review: I Love You Rituals

In our Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren support group, we enthusiastically share any new resources we have found to make our role more manageable, joyful, and peaceful.   One grandmother often shares about the books she’s read.   This one is for parents or (grand)parents.  Thank you Marcia Aegerter. ________________ My new favorite book is “I Love You […]

Choosing The Curb

“Who kicks a child to the curb?”  I hear the question related to adult children and even spouses often in boundary discussions in my support groups and at Mosaics.  “How will I be able to live with myself”  follows. It pains me every time I hear these words spoken, as I never believe we as […]