Creative Expression for Times Such As These

It goes without saying that these are trying times for each of us. Tension fights to rise to the surface when we move away from the present moment and begin to think about the unknown surrounding our finances, health, commitments and more. Tension can also rise in our present moments as we deal with relationships […]

It’s Always the Small Pieces That Make the Big Picture

Have you ever thought about all the little bumps in the road and how they make you who you are? When I saw the beautiful heart in the picture, it made me reflect on even the little bumps and how they’ve impacted my life. Some of the things that came to mind were our four […]

Focused on Hope

The name of our podcast is Hope Pieced Together. The word in Mosaics of Mercy’s logo is hope. Why are we focused on hope? I think the Good News translation of Proverbs 13:12 says it concisely, “When hope is crushed, the heart is crushed.” We have expectations or hopes for our lives and the lives […]

Are Mental Health Struggles Contagious?

Sitting across from me at a tea room was the mother of a young adult. From the outside, you would not find any indication of the pain she was battling inside. The statement she made broke my heart. “I think people believe the struggles our family has been facing around our daughter’s mood disorder are […]

Fixer in Recovery?

My biggest accomplishment of 2020 to date has been working two 1000-piece puzzles.  Yes, I’ve still been working at Mosaics putting together the financial puzzle of sorts, but at home during all hours, I’ve been plugging away at The Best of Colorado and The Joy of Pets.  To many that might not seem worthy of accomplishment […]

Season of Joy

Season of Joy. Some may read those words and be able to say they are in that season. Others may read them and feel a heaviness of the expectation that you “should” feel that way during the holidays. If you are in the midst of facing decisions to send a family member to treatment, battling […]

An Evening with Author, JM Buckler

Space is limited for this special event.  Use this link to reserve your seat: Join Mosaics of Mercy on Thursday, November 14th from 7 – 9 pm as we welcome Seeker of Time book series author, JM Buckler.  She will share about her path from broken to beauty, healing, and the process of rewriting our […]

The Greatest Gift

Words of wisdom from Kate Turner, LPC that were shared in the Love and Logic Insider’s Club. ________ Have you ever felt so angry that tears fill your eyes? That’s the state I found myself in as I listened to my own precious children say some hurtful things to me — to me, the woman […]

A Signpost that reads, “Breast Cancer”

Throughout the month of October, we turn our attention to those that are or have battled breast cancer. In honor of those that have traveled this path, Mosaics of Mercy and Breast Cancer Awareness salutes your unique journey along that path. Whether your story “looks” like a success story as the world defines or not, […]

A Grandmother’s Story: Are there just too many broken pieces to fit?

“Ultimate hope is accepting what is beyond our control and believing that God will use the circumstances of our lives to help us grow in holiness.” Fr. J Michael Sparough  I did not foresee or imagine the blessings in my life that have come to be in the midst of all the struggle.  One of […]