Creative Expression for Times Such As These

It goes without saying that these are trying times for each of us. Tension fights to rise to the surface when we move away from the present moment and begin to think about the unknown surrounding our finances, health, commitments and more.

Tension can also rise in our present moments as we deal with relationships where we can no longer “social distance”. If we have family who lives under the same roof, those blessings can start to feel like…well, not exactly a blessing all the time. I am just sayin’. 

The power in our thoughts and our words can bring life or death. Choose wisely. THAT is easier said than done when we are facing so many stresses at one time. We can pray, take a walk, or a good long nap to alleviate some of the tensions we feel rising in our hearts, but what are some other ways we can relieve the mounting tension and perhaps resolve some of the underlying issues that allowed such tension to rise to the surface?

Well, at Mosaics of Mercy, we know that creative expression can help us do just that. Using artistic expression to aid in the uprooting of discomfort and allow it to come to the surface in healthy, constructive ways.

Of course, we love mosaics…but there are countless ways to do this. Below are two links with several ideas to use art and creativity for such relief:

Art Activities for Stress Relief

How to Relieve Stress with Art Therapy

Nell Sagehorn, Artist and new Beauty in Brokenness© facilitator, suggests fresh air and a stroll, collecting wildflowers to then press and dry in a book. Even the tiniest wildflowers are amazing pieces of art when dried. Focus on the beauty offered in every step to lift your spirits. The natural doses of vitamins C and D boost your immune system – an added free bonus!

Paige Butler, a co-founder of Mosaics of Mercy, created a mosaic heart framework with masking tape on her fence and then her grandson colored in the spaces with sidewalk chalk. The shards were ‘painted’ with brilliant colors, the tape was removed, and a lovely mosaic masterpiece emerged.

Paige started a #showusyourmosaic hashtag post, combining creativity and connection throughout the community! What stroke of creative genius will you dabble with today? Share your healthy, creative ideas – when you feel the tension rise, please don’t keep it to yourself!



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