Mosaics’ mission starts with us being a hub of empowerment. The actual definition of empowerment is becoming stronger and more confident; the giving of an ability and permission to do something. So what does empowerment look like around mental health and addiction for individuals, families, and our community? Here are some examples of how we see this happening after connecting with Mosaics:

  • A teen being willing to share about his struggle with anxiety and depression in a school setting and encouraging others to speak up and get help.
  • A family with brokenness from addiction coming around the table to make mosaics and share their healing together.
  • Someone giving a heart to a struggling friend to open up a conversation and let them know they don’t have to walk alone.
  • A person who was previously unwilling to seek help for their depression that reaches out and makes the call to get connected to resources.
  • A staff member at a church feeling more equipped and confident about what they can do to walk alongside someone facing a mental health issue.
  • A mom stepping out and starting a support group for other moms with children who are hurting.

Our vision is that our community would move from feeling immobilized on ways to help the growing rates of suicide, mental health struggles, and addictions to one empowered to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. ?


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