EP 30: The Miracle of Sobriety and Sober Fun with Sarah Bolton

One of the miracles of recovery is the opportunity to serve as a tangible example of hope. Today, we’re speaking with Sarah Bolton, an advocate for mental health and addiction recovery services, to hear her story of recovery, and how she found beauty in the brokenness in her life. As founder of Sarah Lenee Creative & Consulting, Sarah supports providers with Business Development, Public Relations, and Event Planning services, and she is also training with Mosaics of Mercy to become a facilitator for our Beauty in Brokenness Workshops. In this episode, Sarah shares her experience of finding God in recovery, going into ministry, and realizing the joy that creating art brings her, as well as the spirituality and healing she has witness in facilitating Mosaics of Mercy workshops, finding sober fun, community in sobriety, and the gifts in her life that are a direct result of her recovery. Tune in today to find out more about the miracle of sobriety, and the endless and fulfilling sober fun to be found in recovery.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Sarah shares a bit about herself, her background, and her connection with Mosaics of Mercy.
  • Sarah’s experience of Beauty in Brokenness and how she took into treatment centers.
  • Sarah shares a bit about her journey of recovery from alcohol abuse and addiction.
  • Hearing the loving voice of God helped Sarah to stop drinking and attend AA meetings.
  • Coming into recovery, Sarah found Christianity and being guided by a higher power.
  • Sarah believes that God is infinitely creative and is there for us in our brokenness.
  • Since COVID, Sarah is going into ministry and has sent her son to a military boarding school.
  • After getting sober, Sarah realized the joy that creating art brought her and the people who received her works of art.
  • There is a spiritual aspect to creating, as Sarah has discovered through facilitating classes.
  • Sarah explains the anger and loneliness she felt when she stopped drinking and how she found sober fun in a party she organized.
  • Sarah is now able to connect with people more authentically now that she is sober.
  • Finding community in sobriety in the rooms of AA, the church, and with artists and organizers.
  • How to handle being around alcohol – you have to be honest with yourself and allow your higher power to guide you.
  • Sarah describes some of the beautiful gifts in her life that are a direct result of her recovery.
  • Sarah’s story of hope, volunteering at her church, meeting the judge from her custody trial.


“When I heard abut [Mosaic of Mercy’s] mission and their vision, what they were doing, I knew that it was something that I felt deeply connected to, not only from the recovery standpoint, but also from the artistic and expressive part of using beauty and brokenness to create something that is tangible that then helps the maker and the person receiving it.” — Sarah Bolton [0:02:04]

“After getting sober, I realized that I really love to create, that God instilled in me this creative sprit, and that it was darkened in my addiction. Painting and modern calligraphy, creating anything I can brings me so much joy and so much life, and I saw how it was able to bring joy and blessing to those who receive my works of art.” — Sarah Bolton [0:18:37]

“In recovery, your social life does not end, I’m happy to announce. I have had more fun in recovery. I still can do a lot of the things I did before, those things are still accessible to me, I just don’t have to drink, I don’t have to use when I’m there. The beautiful part about that is I get to authentically connect with people.” — Sarah Bolton [0:31:11]

“I get to act in line with my values, and I know what my values are. I didn’t know myself before, and now I do, and I’m growing to know myself more and more on this journey [of recovery].” — Sarah Bolton [0:44:42]

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