EP 37: Social Media and Eating Disorder Recovery with Gabbi Sorensen

Today we sit with survivor and thriver Gabbi Sorensen to talk about her triumphs over both an eating disorder and her turbulent relationship with social media. Gabbi currently uses the lessons from her past to help other women who are experiencing similar, if not the same, problems. We open the show by hearing about Gabbi’s early life as a ballet dancer and how ballet became a way of life for her. Yet, she grew far taller than her peers, and the space that once made her feel safe now left her stranded and insecure. As our conversation continues, Gabbi tells us about how her mental health began to deteriorate faster than she could realize. So she pursued a career in modeling, only to have the rug pulled from under her feet as she witnessed the unhealthy realities of the industry. Gabbi then talks about the effects that social media had on her life as she began to see that she was becoming part of the problem for herself and other girls. With the gift of hindsight, Gabbi explains how she got her world spinning on its axis again. She emphasizes how seeking the correct help was vital, as well as changing her social media habits so her feed would only give her positive content. She goes on to tell us about her endeavors with an online holistic health school, and why it has been pivotal in helping her turn the corner. To hear more about her candid and inspiring story, do join us today.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Gabbi Sorensen.
  • Gabbi gives us a background on her experiences.
  • Some of the triggers that contributed to Gabbi’s eating disorder.
  • Hear about the combination of factors that led to Gabbi’s troubles.
  • The role that ballet has played in Gabbi’s past.
  • Gabbi tells us how she thought modeling would be an answer to her insecurities.
  • Why Gabbi’s trip to Asia was a turning point for her as a model.
  • Find out about Gabbi’s evolved relationship with social media.
  • Steps that helped kick-start Gabbi’s healing process.
  • How Gabbi would change her past if she could.
  • Ways Gabbi has found support for herself.
  • Gabbi tells us about how she is helping others.


“Genetics and personality traits load the eating disorder gun. And then our environment pulls the trigger.” — Gabbi Sorensen [0:03:58]

“I was a shy child and ballet was a safe space for me to express myself without words. But all that changed when I got tall and it became a place where I felt my most insecure. So I started searching for other ways to cope.” — Gabbi Sorensen [0:06:00]

“I thought by shrinking myself, I’d be able to fit in with this world again.” — Gabbi Sorensen [0:07:00]

“I started to feel like I was living this lie on social media. Everyone thought I was living this glamorous, cool, fun, exciting life, but I had never been more unfulfilled, more unhappy.” — Gabbi Sorensen [0:16:44]

“Eating disorders thrive in isolation, and recovery starts when you finally open up.” — Gabbi Sorensen [0:20:09]

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