EP 44: Grief and Loss of a Spouse with Maureen McClelland, LPC, RN, BSN

The grief process can vary with each individual, but sometimes it can be helpful to find commonalities in a journey similar to yours. In today’s episode, we talk about the loss of a spouse with Maureen McClelland, LPC, RN, BSN. Learning about different types of losses can help us better support someone in the midst of this experience, and Maureen draws on not only on her professional experience but also her life experience as a young widow, only parent to her now grown daughter, as well as a breast cancer survivor in order to help her clients strive to reach their full potential. Tuning in today, you’ll learn about the similarities between PTSD and grief, the differences between alone time and isolating yourself, and some of the resources Maureen found helpful during her personal journey with grief, as well as so much more! Make sure not to miss today’s profound and insightful conversation with Maureen McClelland.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, Maureen McClelland, her background, and her practice.
  • Hear more about Maureen’s personal experience with grief, which she shares candidly.
  • Learn about different types of grief and loss, both sudden and expected.
  • Maureen reflects on some of the similarities between PTSD and grief.
  • How she was affected by the loss of dreams and milestones when her spouse passed away.
  • Why it is advised that you don’t make major decisions after going through a major loss.
  • Hear how Maureen adjusted to becoming an only parent to her daughter.
  • How she learned to care for herself by finding a support group.
  • The ways that COVID-19 has compounded the loneliness that often accompanies grief.
  • Everyone grieves differently; how the process of grieving might vary from person to person.
  • Learn about the differences between being alone versus isolating yourself and the important role that routine can play.
  • Preparing yourself for triggering milestones like birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Finding happiness and purpose after grief, purpose being the sixth phase of grief.
  • Resources Maureen found helpful during her grief journey, like keeping a gratitude journal.
  • The small joys she looked for on a daily basis that gave her hope going forward.
  • Ending on a story of hope: remembering that these moments of sadness will not last.


“Grief is always complicated and it is compounded.” — Maureen McClelland [0:03:09]

“A support group for me is so much more than the information given – it’s those relationships that you create.” — Maureen McClelland [0:12:19]

“Somebody else’s grief does not diminish yours.” — Maureen McClelland [0:14:41]

“Evidence-based research shows that a gratitude journal can help rewire your brain.” — Maureen McClelland [0:19:22]

“Those moments of sadness will not last. That moment of grief will not last. As long as we keep trying to be the best version of ourselves, we can be happy.” — Maureen McClelland [0:23:27]

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