EP 53: Sober Living:
Kim Livesay, LCDC and Nick Long

In the State of Texas, there is still no licensure for sober living homes and, as a result, there are no set guidelines for how they should be run. This makes it extra important, when choosing a sober living home, to do the relevant research to ensure that it’s the right program for you. Joining us today to talk about all things sober living, are two inspiring individuals who have not only come through their own personal recovery journeys, but have dedicated their lives to helping others do the same. Kim Livesay, LCDC is a program counselor and Business Development Specialist at La Hacienda, and the owner of the women’s sober living home, Legacy House. Nick Long, similarly, is the founder and Executive Director of Sharpen Recovery, a Christ-centered non-profit providing sober living housing for men and women in need of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction in Houston. In this episode, we find out what questions to ask when considering a sober living home, in terms of program and staff structures, costs, approaches to and treatment of relapse, and so much more! When it comes to the question of the length of stay in their respective sober living homes, Nick explains how demographics affect the length of stay and Kim fills us in on on what she finds to be the most effective. We find out how Sharpen Recovery navigates the fine balance of respecting the beliefs of individuals with the Christ-centered culture of the organization, and why Legacy House chooses to keep MAT medication off the premises. To close, our guests share some great insights into the challenges families of recovery face, and how families can best support their loved one through their recovery journey. Tune in for this insightful discussion on the wonderful resources available and remember, as long as there’s breath, there’s hope! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Kim Livesay’s personal recovery journey and professional background.
  • The uncanny similarities between Nick Long and Kim Livesay’s recovery and career journeys.
  • What led Nick to choose recovery.
  • Nick walks us through the Sharpen Recovery sober living home structure and progress.
  • What sober living is, the purpose it serves, and the support it provides.
  • The efficacy of sober living housing in preventing relapse after treatment.
  • Factors affecting the length of stay in sober living homes and what length is most effective.
  • Kim’s sober living, Legacy House’s approach to treatment programming.
  • Details about Sharpen Recovery’s treatment program.
  • How Sharpen Recovery gently invites individuals to consider Christ, without expectations. 
  • The respective staff structures at Legacy House and Sharpen Recovery.
  • The difference between Sober Living and Oxford Houses.
  • What Medication-Assisted Treatment consists of, when it’s helpful, and its side-effects.
  • How Legacy House and Sharpen Recovery handle instances of MAT.
  • How our guests approach and treat relapse in their sober living homes.
  • The importance of referring people to another facility or treatment program if they relapse.
  • What to take into account when considering the cost of sober living.
  • The challenge for families in recovery and the role of family in the sober living journey.
  • What people should look for when choosing a sober living home.
  • Kim and Nick each share their remarkable stories of hope!


“The statistics show that relapse rates go down significantly after about three months in sober living housing after treatment.” — Nick Long [0:09:57]

“The word we use over and over for so many situations in sober living is ‘case-by-case’.” —  Kim Livesay [0:16:18]

“Longer-term [stays are] better, typically, if you can do it.” — Kim Livesay [0:17:15]

“Our first value is treat disease, our second value is consider Christ.” — Nick Long [0:26:31“The number one requirement for Sober Living is to be sober.” — Kim Livesay [0:43:05]

“Weekend visitation is important, family involvement is important, as long as the family is supportive.” — Kim Livesay [0:57:51]

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