Ep 61: Finding Hope at Rock Bottom with Danny Looney

Today, we are joined by a new, valuable member of our community. Danny Looney is celebrating 14 years of sobriety and is here today to redefine rock bottom and fill us in on his own non-profit, Rock Bottom Hope. Danny shares his story with us and we find out what led him to fall into substance abuse at such a young age, what rock bottom looked like for him, and what gave him hope at his lowest point. Danny advocates for assisting addicts in reaching their rock bottom, rather than continuously providing them with a soft place to land, and opens up about how jail time got him closer to his turning point. Tune in for Danny’s encouragement that rock bottom is the greatest opportunity to find hope, and to find out more about the great work he’s doing for others at Rock Bottom Hope.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Danny Looney shares his story of recovery, and how he’s using it to give others hope.
  • The life-changing work Danny’s non-profit, Rock Bottom Hope, is doing for addicts and their families.
  • How easily accessible drugs and alcohol are to kids.
  • The various factors that led Danny to substance abuse.
  • How falling short of expectations feeds into the shame cycle, resulting in addiction.
  • Danny opens up about his mental health battles and his suicidal attempts as a teenager.
  • He shares his definition of rock bottom, what it looked like for him, and the different types of rock bottom we face in life.
  • Why it’s not helpful to create a soft place to land.
  • Why Danny advocates for the value of jail time in his recovery journey.
  • Why it’s important to assist addicts in reaching rock bottom.
  • Danny’s moment of hope when he reached rock bottom.
  • What his 14 years of sobriety have held for him.
  • What led him to start Rock Bottom Hope and how it grew during the pandemic.
  • Danny’s final words of encouragement.


“Part of my story is being in recovery and using that to reach people with hope.” — Danny Looney [0:01:58]

“The shame cycle turned into a cycle of addiction because I was trying to ease the shame of not being who I thought I needed to be.” — Danny Looney [0:10:30]

“That rock bottom moment [is] an incredibly beautiful place to find hope because … the only place that you have to look is up.” — Danny Looney [0:15:13]

“We have to view rock bottom as an opportunity to be introduced to the greatest hope.” — Danny Looney [0:25:02]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Danny Looney

Rock Bottom Hope

Text or Call Rock Bottom Hope: 877-423-HOPE

Mosaics of Mercy


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