Felicia Minor

As an IT Professional and avid Customer Service Leader, I am committed to developing thriving workplaces. I’m passionate about delivering excellent service at every opportunity. 

Throughout various roles, I have gained over 1000+ hours of experience working with multiple customers and resolving issues.

I recently obtained an Associate in Cybersecurity from the University of Phoenix. I have also spent numerous hours building comprehension of how to avoid advanced cyber-attacks and locate opportunities to improve organizational workflow. I also have experience in managing Electronic Medical Record systems and supporting various staff members.

As a mother of two wonderful daughters, I have lived, studied and traveled abroad throughout Europe, including Spain, Wales, Scotland, Germany and France. I enjoy providing counsel and support to my friends and family. 

Currently residing in Magnolia, TX, I’m also the mother of a beautiful Pomeranian named Cupid. I am excited to be a member of the Mosaics of Mercy team.


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