Bridge From Resources to Awareness

A parent contacted Mosaics of Mercy for resources for their children. They were going through a difficult time as a family and seeing signs their children needed help with coping tools. They contacted their insurance and multiple counselors in the area but could not find one that had availability or was a fit.

The awareness of a problem was there. The resources were there. But they could not seem to make a connection from awareness to a resource. They needed a bridge. Mosaics is that bridge.

The parent heard about Mosaics and reached out to us. We listened to what they were needing. We contacted counselors that we knew took their insurance and might be a fit to check their availability. We then sent the parent the three options with a description of how they each aligned with the expressed needs and the windows of availability.

We received feedback from the family that they found a fit from the provided resources. The family is now on the road to mental well-being.

We are here to help. Reach out to us if you need help navigating mental health resources.


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