Hope Pieced Together


Ep 01: Introductory Episode with Sherry Burkhard
Ep 02: Intervention: Alison Broussard and Tanya Cook
Ep 03: Addiction: Janelle and Regan
Ep 04: A Community Response with Judge Mack
Ep 05: A Counselor’s Findings on Suicide: Tessa Stuckey, LPC
Ep 06: Suicide Attempt: A Mother’s Experience with Lisa Squier
Ep 07: Eating Disorders with Dr. Anna Brown
Ep 08: Eating Disorders: Dr. Deborah Michel, PhD, CEDS
Ep 09: Personal Story, Eating Disorder Recovery: Kate Funk, LMFT
Ep 10: Matters of the Heart: Parenting, Trauma, and More with Kate Turner, LPC
Ep 11: Psychiatric Hospitals: A Mother’s Perspective with Deena Watson.
EP 14: Perfectionism, Anxiety, and Overwhelm with Carolyn Robistow
EP 15: ADHD, Perfectionism and Anxiety: A Mother’s Story with Patricia Sung
EP 16: Responses, Coping, and Parenting During COVID-19 with Lauren Hollis.
EP 17: Protecting Your Marriage in Stressful Times with Kristin and Paul Abrahams.
EP 18: Tackling Suicide: A Professional Perspective with Whitcomb Terpening.
EP 19: Navigating Anxiety in Uncertainty with Carolyn Robistow
Ep 20: Caring for Our First Responders with Lona Snell
EP 21: Hope to Cope with PTSD, with Emily Mowry
EP 22: Hope to Cope – Anxiety and Depression with Clay Burkhard.
EP 23: Bullying and Mental Health with Rissa Hughes, LPC
EP 24: Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren with Paige Butler
EP 25: Athletics, Nutrition, and Mental Health with Maria Flores
EP 26: Hope for Hurting Parents with Dena and Tom Yohe.
EP 27: All About Family Therapy with Christie Farris.
EP 28: A Mother and Daughter Story of Turning Points: Naetha & Calliese.
EP 29: Perspectives on ER Visits and Prevention with Jeremy Sprott.
EP 30: The Miracle of Sobriety and Sober Fun with Sarah Bolton
EP 31: Parents and Teens: Our Roles, Relationships, and Struggles with Adam Bertoch, LMFT, LCDC
EP 32: A Mother’s Story of Grief Recovery After Substance Passing with Kathy Posey
EP 33: Grief with Bridget Caletka, LPC
EP 34: Medication and Mental Health with Bibi Ladipo-Ajayi
EP 35: Navigating the holidays with Kate Turner, LPC
EP 36: Men’s Mental Health with Kyle Sommers, LPC
EP 37: Social Media and Eating Disorder Recovery with Gabbi Sorensen
EP 38: Postpartum Depression with Lorissa Eichenberger, LMFT, PMH-C
Ep 39: Psychological Evaluations and Testing with Lauren Pasqua, Psy.D.
EP 40: Anxiety in Children and Teens with Shannan Blum, LMFT, CCATPCA, CEDS
EP 41: Boundaries in a Marriage with Dr. Monica Polonyi PhD, LPC-S
Ep 42: OCD in Children and Teens: Joy Ryan, LPC, RPT
EP 43: Addressing Conflict in Relationships with Mary Lambrecht, LMFT
EP 44: Grief and Loss of a Spouse with Maureen McClelland, LPC, RN, BSN
EP 45: A Personal Story about Anxiety: Skye McClain
EP 46: The Emotional Journey of Having and Parenting Specific Needs: Kate and Jess
Ep 47: The Family Journey of Addiction Recovery with Christopher Crawford
EP 48: Children and Divorce with Jessica Leger, LCSW, RPT
EP 49:  Recurrence in Substance Use Recovery Robert Hilliker, LCSW-S, LCDC
EP 50: The Journey of Adoption: Kristen Minor
EP 51: Montgomery County Mental Health Constables: Constable Philip Cash
EP 52: Fostering, Adopting, and Reparenting Ourselves: Tara Hutton.
EP 53: Sober Living: Kim Livesay, LCDC and Nick Long
EP 54: College Mental Health: Dr. Patrick Lukingbea
EP 55: Addressing Autism: Jennifer Morgan, LPC, ACAS, AAC.
EP 56: Oppositional Defiant Disorder: Kellie Cole, LPC, RPT-S
EP 57: Play Therapy: Amy Drury, LPC, RPT
EP 58: Mental Health in the School System with Denise Cipolla
EP 59: Gray Area Drinking with Carolyn Robistow, LPC
Ep 60: Navigating the Government Mental Health Authority – Evan Roberson
Ep 61: Finding Hope at Rock Bottom with Danny Looney
EP 62: Finding Hope Through Embracing Your Identity: Ali Burkhard
Ep 63: You Are Not Alone with Jennifer Bruse
Ep 64: Going to a Psychiatrist with Dr. Noor Ferrell


The Hope Pieced Together Podcast is a show that gets real about mental health struggles and how to overcome them. You will hear personal stories, practical tools, and professional insight for the journey toward mental well-being. Whether you listen for you, a loved one, or for how to help in your community, it will be evident that hope is definitely alive.

Sherry Burkhard, RN, includes parts of her own professional and personal recovery story, as well as insights gained at the non-profit organization, Mosaics of Mercy.

The views, information, or opinions expressed during the Mosaics of Mercy podcast series are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily reflect those of Mosaics of Mercy and its employees. Mosaics of Mercy is not responsible for and does not verify for accuracy and of the information contained in the podcast series available on this site. The primary purpose of this podcast series is to educate and inform. This podcast series does not constitute medical or other professional advice or services.

This podcast series is available for private, non-commercial use only. Advertising which is incorporated into, placed in association with, or targeted toward the content of this podcast series, without the advance, express written approval and knowledge of Mosaics of Mercy is forbidden. You may not edit, modify, or redistribute this podcast without the advance, written, and express consent of Mosaics of Mercy. Mosaics of Mercy and the developers of this podcast series assume no liability for any activities in connection with this podcast series or for use of this podcast series.


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