Ep 02: Intervention: Alison Broussard and Tanya Cook

Today on the Hope Pieced Together Podcast we are joined by two wonderful guests, Alison Broussard and Tanya Cook, to talk about the important topic of intervention. Commonly known but not always understood, intervention can play a big and reformative role in the health of an individual and their family. We hear from Tanya and Alison about their personal connection to struggles around abuse and addiction and how this led to their work in the realm now. They do a great job of sharing their understanding of intervention, what can lead to its necessity and different approaches and results. We discuss family patterns, group dynamics, breaking habits and the impact of outside help. The conversation also covers the limitations of intervention and what might happen if the individual in question is not willing to include themselves in the process. Although a very difficult topic in some ways, there is so much hope and reward in this area and, indeed, this conversation, make sure not to miss this great episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A brief introduction to our guests and their backgrounds.
  • The simplicity of intervention; helping an individual or group find a direction. 
  • The spectrum of conditions that can lead to the need for an intervention. 
  • Family patterns and why outside help can make all the difference. 
  • Some of the approaches to intervention and the ARISE methods our guests use. 
  • Resources, recommendations and reassurance for family members. 
  • People outside of the immediate family that are included in the network to intervene.
  • The massive power of the younger members of the family network. 
  • Common goals of intervention and the accumulation of steps towards progress. 
  • Tanya and Alison’s central role as connectors and managers in the process. 
  • The importance of action and follow-through; how check-ins help in this regard. 
  • Laughter, hope and the lasting connection with families.
  • Special stories from each of our guests; the overflow of generational support.


“My passion for intervention really comes from living in the situation. Substance use disorder came into my whole like wrecking ball.” — Tanya Cook [0:00:54]

“A lot of people don’t realize that one in four clinicians will become chemically dependent at some point in their career.” — Tanya Cook [0:02:01]

“The earlier the better. But that’s hard for families.” — Alison Broussard [0:07:44]

“Tanya and I are the secret sauce for families because we are not in the family.” — Alison Broussard [0:11:58]

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