Ep 10: Matters of the Heart: Parenting, Trauma, and More with Kate Turner, LPC

Some things are so painful that they get locked up in the heart forever. People can spend their
entire lives carrying these scars around, sometimes without even knowing they do. In an effort
to buffer away from this hurt, individuals turn to all manner of destructive habits. Today’s guest is
Kate Turner, and she is a practicing counselor who specializes in trauma recovery therapy and
parenting. Kate joins us on the show today to speak about the roots and manifestations of
trauma, healing methods she uses in her practice, and actionable skills parents can use to heal
from their own pain thus inflicting less of it on their kids. Kate breaks down her HeartSync
philosophy which sees the heart as a three-part being that both stores and guards itself against
trauma, locking it in as a protective mechanism that ends up causing further damage. Kate
takes her patients through faith-based visualization processes to help them unblock these
stoppages and release old pain, to the effect of healing both emotional and physical ailments.
She also shares more about her Love and Logic workshops which help children and parents
learn more peaceful ways of communicating, having the effect of families ultimately leading
more fulfilling and whole lives.

Key Points From This Episode:

• What HeartSync is all about: a faith-based way of healing from trauma.
• The three parts of the heart: the emotional part, the logical part, and the ‘guardian.’
• Wounds that we suffer from as babies or children while we are over-egocentric.
• Using the heart model to understand how trauma gets buffered by distractions/addictions.
• How the guardian stops emotional trauma spilling into the logical part of the heart.
• Vices caused by the guardian keeping emotions in: drugs, food, sex, technology, etc.
• Somatic/physical manifestations of trauma that subside after therapy.
• The Christian elements of HeartSync that use Jesus as part of the healing process.
• Applications of HeartSync to people who have been wounded due to their faith.
• Dangers of giving kids free reign on the internet in their rooms: they encounter wrongdoing.
• How Kate structures therapy for children by including and educating their parents too.
• Ways technology can compound trauma: kids film shameful moments and share them.
• Increases in older people that need therapy due to tech-saturated childhoods.
• Parental trauma: its effects on children and how Kate helps parents heal too.
• How Kate healed from her trauma and it changed the way she raised her children.
• Counterproductive consequences of yelling and using anger in conflict.
• Downsides to Google: it can stop people from using their brains.
• The tendency for parents with low self-esteem to struggle with their kids’ failure.
• Kate’s Love and Logic workshops and skills they teach about healthy communication.
• Ways a parent can fill their partner in after attending a Love and Logic workshop.• Learned helplessness that special needs children can acquire due to incorrect parenting.
• A role reversal strategy for disciplining a special needs child.


“It’s not about fixing my kids, it’s about taking a look at myself.” — Kate Turner [0:24:17]
“I have seen people healed not only emotionally but also physically in the most, you could say,
miraculous of ways.” — Kate Turner [0:47:11]
“It does take courage to pick up the phone and yet there can be so much hope and help on the
other side of the line.” — Kate Turner [0:48:31]

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