EP 14: Perfectionism, Anxiety, and Overwhelm with Carolyn Robistow

On today’s show, we have Carolyn Robistow, a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Texas. Carolyn specializes specifically in helping those who struggle with stress and anxiety, perfection, infertility, ADHD and focus. Inside this episode, we talk about the importance of prioritization in our lives, Carlyon expands on a new brain-based therapy called Brain Spotting, as well as a play therapy method called Sandtray Therapy. We also talk about the importance that self-compassion plays within our lives and establishing our worthiness. Carolyn shares with us her approach to therapy sessions, where she foresees her practice heading with the implementation of video sessions, and her passion for mentoring interns not only through the therapy aspect of private practice but also how to run a business. We end the episode today with a heartfelt, personal story of hope from Carolyn. So stay tuned to hear it all on Hope Pieced Together.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Carolyn shares on “The Should’s,” how we prioritize things matters.
  • The importance of sorting through your top tier values.
  • Brain Spotting: What this is and the benefits of it’s implementation.
  • Carolyn talks about the training required behind Brain Spotting.
  • Carolyn shares more about Sandtray Therapy and how it works.
  • We hear about Athleta — Self-compassion and yoga mixed workshops
  • We talk about worthiness and the importance of reminding ourselves that we are worthy.
  • Carolyn shares about her passion and wheelhouse and how she approaches therapy.
  • Private practice — Not only therapy but it’s also running a business.
  • Carolyn talks about her video sessions.
  • Carolyn shares her story of hope: Infertility and the ebb and flow.


“You need to make sure that you know where you are putting your priorities, your time and your energy, because you shouldn’t be doing everything. You’re not going to do everything well. You need to pick what’s in your best interest, what’s in your value set and what’s going to feed your spirit, or fill your cup, versus what the world seems to be telling you, you should be doing.” — Carolyn Robistow [0:03:25]

“We don’t have to do everything 100% to be valuable and worthy human beings.” — Carolyn Robistow [0:05:10]

“I love the concept of being with ourselves, even when things are not going well. Self-compassion is something that perfectionists need a bit more of in their lives.” — Carolyn Robistow [0:22:45]

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