EP 21: Hope to Cope with PTSD, with Emily Mowry

Sometimes you heal from it, and sometimes you heal through it. It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and our theme this month is Hope to Cope. We know that it can be difficult at times – when we’re going through different struggles – to find hope, to know exactly how to walk in the midst of that, and how to cope. This month, we’re bringing in guests to share their personal stories of hope with you, because often we share knowledge through something that we’ve walked through ourselves, rather than from a professional place. Today’s guest is Emily Mowry, a PTSD survivor, science teacher, and Interact sponsor. She shares with us her background and how she got into teaching, as well as some personal stories about the trauma that she has experienced and how she learned to cope with it. Emily wants us to know that diagnosis isn’t a linear process and that, sometimes, privilege can mask certain symptoms of mental illness. We also discuss healthy coping mechanisms and finding safe spaces to share when experiencing trauma, as well as the importance of scheduling joyful activities. Finally, Emily shares a source of hope that helps her to keep fighting in her journey towards healing. Tune in to find out more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Emily tells listeners about herself and her background.
  • The difficulty of diagnosing mental illness and defining trauma.
  • Experiencing trauma versus having PTSD.
  • Emily relates her personal experiences with depression and anxiety.
  • Diagnosis isn’t a linear process.
  • Privilege allows someone to mask symptoms of mental illness.
  • Shame and how it can prevent someone from reaching out for help.
  • Healthy coping mechanisms and finding safe spaces to share when experiencing trauma.
  • Fear, sadness, and anger should be felt, named, and expressed.
  • The importance of scheduling joyful activities.
  • Shifting the narrative from victim to survivor.
  • A source of hope from Emily.


“The experience of trauma is a part of the human condition” — Emily Mowry  [0:11:48]

“In going on this journey with being diagnosed with a mental illness, you have to take things with a grain of salt, and learn to be a little creative in your own thinking” — Emily Mowry  [0:20:54]

“Find your safe spot to be vulnerable… find a community to walk and grow with you… find a way to learn how to feel again” — Emily Mowry  [0:39:26]

“My source of hope is: you can keep fighting, because you already are a fighter” — Emily Mowry  [0:56:09]

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