There are many options for adults to address mental health issues, but what about children? Children also suffer from mental health issues but unlike adults, they do not have the cognitive and mental capacity to use the same techniques as adults. Therefore, a different approach is needed to address the mental health concerns of children. This is where child therapy can be immensely beneficial. In these sessions, the type of play and toys the children choose to play which gives the therapist a better understanding of underlying issues and emotional trauma. To tell us more about child therapy and the benefits is certified child play therapist Amy Drury. In today’s episode we find out what play therapy is and how it can be beneficial for kids, the different kinds of play therapy, the steps involved, what conversations to have with your kids about play therapy, and much more! Tune in to hear how your child can benefit from play therapy as well as important resources for parents with today’s inspirational guest!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Brief rundown into Amy’s professional background.
  • Reason for Amy seeking out her current role.
  • General overview of what play therapy is.
  • An outline of the steps involved with play therapy.
  • Questions that the therapists asks kids to determine underlining issues.
  • The different types of play therapies are explained: directive and non-directive.
  • How does play therapy works for older children and if it is applicable.
  • The role of the parents during play therapy sessions.
  • Circumstances when parents would join therapy sessions.
  • Recommended conversations that parents should have regarding play therapy.
  • Tips for how parents can assess whether their child is a candidate for therapy.
  • Some context for telling the difference between health and unhealthy play. 
  • Benefits of Incorporation of EMDR therapy with play therapy for kids.
  • Definition of what ‘sand tray’ therapy and what it can help with.
  • Resources for parents to find play therapists. 
  • Takeaway story of hope for listeners. 


“We say that play is a child’s language and toys are their words.” — Amy Drury [0:03:18]

“As play therapists, we’re looking for the themes of the play therapy as well as which toys they are using.” — Amy Drury [0:05:20]

“When they get to choose what to play with and how to play with the toys, it really is empowering for them.” — Amy Drury [0:07:09]

“We want to partner with parents. If everybody is working together it is much better for the child and the progress of the child.” — Amy Drury [0:13:16]

“There is hope in play therapy for kids.” — Amy Drury [0:27:06]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Association for Play Therapy

Mosaics of Mercy

Amy Drury on LinkedIn


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