Ep 63: You Are Not Alone with Jennifer Bruse

Nobody plans to become an anorexic or an alcoholic but as Jennifer Bruse knows, just one fad diet or one drink too many can lead to a quick downhill spiral. She also knows that getting out of that spiral is possible, one day at a time! During this episode, Jennifer shares how God and the people in her life have supported her unconditionally and given her strength through her darkest hours, allowing her to find the light. Today, Jennifer is the President and CEO of Hello Woodlands, 6 years sober, and in recovery for anorexia. She believes there is immense power in speaking openly about our deepest struggles, and she is an incredible source of hope for anyone who has had mental health struggles of their own. This conversation is a reminder that you are not alone! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An overview of Jennifer’s background and the path that led her to found Hello Woodlands.
  • Jennifer’s battle with anorexia, and the people who have supported her through it. 
  • The different stages of Jennifer’s recovery journey. 
  • Where Jennifer’s struggle with alcohol began. 
  • The night that Jennifer became sober. 
  • Why her relationship with God has been such a fundamental part of Jennifer’s recovery.
  • How Hello Woodlands motivated Jennifer to change her life.
  • The importance of addressing the roots of your struggles.
  • There is no shame in asking for help. 
  • Value that lies in being open and honest about our deepest struggles. 
  • How Jennifer has formed a healthier relationship with herself over the years. 
  • Why community is such a vital part of a person’s life. 
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of rest.


“We all struggle with mental health from time to time. We’re not alone.” — @JenniferBruse [0:06:18]

“I couldn’t have recovered if I hadn’t realized that I am not alone, that God is with me, that He is my source of peace.” — @JenniferBruse [0:19:55]

“Hello Woodlands has been a blessing. That was one more reason why I needed to get sober.” — @JenniferBruse [0:23:27]

“Life is full of struggles. It’s about getting the strength to work through them and not giving up.” — @JenniferBruse [0:28:01]

“The more honest we are that we need help, and the more we share our stories, the more we can help our community.” — @JenniferBruse [0:31:13]

“It’s amazing how when you lay it on the table and surrender and allow God to work in your life, how many miracles can happen.” — @JenniferBruse [0:46:23]

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