Ep 65: Benefits of DBT with Shannan Blum


Today we sit down with marriage and family therapist and Assistant Director of Connections Child and Family Center, Shannan Blum, to talk about some of the powerful benefits of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Shannan takes us through some of the basics of what she does and what is offered at the center before unpacking how DBT fits into this. She explains the unique starting points for DBT, the central idea of the dialectic approach, as well as a bit of history about its founder, Marsha Linehan. We also get to explore the softening of resistance to change through validation, the combination of acceptance and encouragement, and routes back to the moment. Our guest also lays out some of the differences between comprehensive DBT and DBT-informed therapy, explaining who can most benefit from these practices. So if you would like to learn about this useful modality and get a taste for its efficacy, make sure to join us!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Shannan talks about her four children and a fun fact about their births! 
  • A little about Connections Child and Family Center and the layered support they offer.
  • Introducing DBT and the role it plays within the framework of the center. 
  • Marsha Linehan, the concept of dialectics, and working with resistance to change. 
  • Taking DBT beyond therapy and into the realm of a life skill. 
  • Comparing comprehensive DBT and DBT-informed therapy.
  • DBT’s original focus on severe depression and chronically suicidal clients. 
  • The most efficient use of DBT and the necessary time commitments.  
  • Shannan shares a popular DBT skill and how it helps to down-regulate the body and mind.  
  • Final thoughts from Shannan about who might most benefit from a DBT program. 


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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