At Mosaics, we often talk about the fact that we have front row seats to miracles. We get to see people “rescued through” facing their battles with mental health issues and addictions. We have even been those people which is why we do what we do.
But the other side of that is that we also have front row seats to heartache and loss. The battle of addiction and mental health struggles is not always won while someone’s feet are walking this earth. At times, the person is “rescued from it” not “through it.”
This week we are faced again with that heartache and there are no words. But we are reminded again of the wisdom shared in our recent podcasts on grief. While there are no perfect words, there is the power of presence. Of sitting with someone. Of being the hands and feet. Of loving in the midst of the pain. It is an honor to witness those in our midst walking this out.

If you or your family need resources for this journey, reach out. Mosaics of Mercy can help connect you. If you have people around you that are grieving and you need wisdom about how to walk with them, listen to our Hope Pieced Together Podcast episodes on grief. You CAN make a difference in someone’s experience.


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