Intentional Reading through Proverbs ~ Encouragement During These Times

There seem to be countless ways to grow ourselves during this season of quarantine. If you are looking for a suggestion on simple daily reading, here is one practice that has had a powerful impact on my heart this month.

I started reading one chapter of Proverbs in The Passion Translation (TPT) through the Bible App each day. It takes very little time, but the pay off can be huge. This has been therapeutic to my heart when I do three things:

1. I read each chapter out loud and with intentionality. I am not passive about the process but reading as if I am talking with God and He with me. It is prayerful.  This way it comes more from my heart and less from my head.

2. I read as if the words are like a healing balm to my inner being. I am not striving to “get it”, but rather posture myself to receive something good for me. I will take what I need for that day and leave the rest. No pressure.

3. I read only from a place of loving-kindness which is what is intended. If I feel condemnation from the language, I know right away that it is not from God. Solomon was a man but his penned words are from God who is only good. When we read from a place of judgment, we are looking through an old covenant lens and that is not how we grow in new covenant life. When this happens, I step back, pray, and ask God what is true. Once I am back in a place of peace, I am ready to go! Proverbs is written to encourage people to repent (meaning to change the way you think) and walk in a new direction. This isn’t about shaming us for error but to shift us out of one direction and back onto the path that leads to life. No shame, just gain.

Once I get through all 31 chapters, I hope I am so pumped that I want to start over again. If you give this a go with me, share what you are learning in the comments below. We would love to be encouraged by YOU!


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