It’s Always the Small Pieces That Make the Big Picture

Have you ever thought about all the little bumps in the road and how they make you who you are? When I saw the beautiful heart in the picture, it made me reflect on even the little bumps and how they’ve impacted my life. Some of the things that came to mind were our four moves as a family, a treasured neighbor moving away, fender benders, torn rotator cuffs (well that’s not seeming so little at this moment), a child’s heartache over a failing grade.

We gain so much wisdom from all our little breaks along the proverbial yellow brick road, but we rarely pause to reflect. In my case, I tend to plug along, not always taking the time needed to feel or mourn those little bumps. These small pieces fill in around all the more significant struggles in life, reminding us if we choose to notice, that we made it through those.

The Beauty in Brokenness © process always calms me, allows me to settle into reflection, and reminds me of the big picture of who God sees in me. Often hearts in process like this one catch my eye and send my understanding to a deeper level.

My very favorite part of the mosaic process is the next phase of the Beauty in Brokenness © workshop that these seemingly beautiful hearts will go through. A big plop of dark, messy grout will be applied to this heart shown here before it becomes a finished masterpiece. When life seems to be lining up all the big and small pieces arranged to God’s glory, it gets messy again. But as His child and using my faith, years of wisdom gained, and careful tending of my heart, I can spread out this mess and find beauty in life in even more magnificent splendor.

I know that my real heart is not yet to the grouting phase, still learning from all pieces breaking, but I find tremendous hope and comfort in knowing that God will be pleased with His final work in me.

Happy Valentines’ month to all those hearts out there that are trying to make sense of all the little broken pieces on their hearts. May you choose to see the beauty shining through today! Be kind to yourself.



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