Kathleen Forbes

I am a business professional who works with multi-national companies to keep organizations’ workforce safe and healthy, and mitigate global, health and security risks. As part of that mission, my employer International SOS provides assistance, resources and support not only for the physical health but also for the emotional well-being of employees through vetted counselors, educational webinars and emergency hotlines.
My passion to support people emotionally through various workplace challenges extends beyond my professional calling. On a personal level, I also feel called to help others struggling with addictions, anxiety or depression who may not know where to turn during a crisis. That is why I love Mosaics of Mercy, as they are the loving people others can turn to for support, guidance and resources and to find beauty in their brokenness.
My path initially intersected with these other founding women of Mosaics in 2016. At that time, my family was going through a challenging time when our oldest daughter was hospitalized because of an eating disorder. These women supported and prayed for our family during this rough time, and helped us to not feel alone.
I think we each shared that common experience of feeling scared and alone when facing a loved one’s addiction/disorder. Moreover, we believed that if we felt that way, there were probably many others in our community that felt the same way. Together, we co-founded Mosaics of Mercy to help others know they do have people to turn to, who have been down their path and who have ultimately experienced hope and healing. Since the inception of Mosaics, I have served as a volunteer in various capacitiesworking the Mosaics booth at various community events, serving as a Mosaics prayer warrior, writing notes of encouragement, making hearts and helping contribute to key programs.
Today, four years later, I stand amazed at how much Mosaics has grown, and how many people Mosaics has impacted in the community. Truly, I look forward to seeing how God will grow and strengthen this special ministry moving forward, providing healing, hope and encouragement to a broken world. May God continue to shine His face on Mosaics of Mercy.


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