Beauty in Brokenness© Workshops

What happens in a Beauty in Brokenness© Workshop?

Beauty in Brokenness is a hands-on experiential learning process using artistic expression through mosaics. During a 2-hour session, a participant first gains insight behind the mission and vision of Mosaics of Mercy. Then you are led through 10-steps of analogies in creating a mosaic, paralleling aspects of our unique life journey. It is here that God uses each broken experience to form a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Each participant will create a mosaic and grout another created by someone from a previous group. A participant leaves with a packaged heart to keep or to give to another in the midst of a struggle. Each heart comes complete with a booklet summarizing the experience and meaning of the heart, unveiling the true “Beauty out of Brokenness.”

Volunteers will seal and package the completed hearts that remain after the session. These hearts are available for sharing with individuals or families facing a mental health struggle. Through this sharing, we hope they no longer feel alone. Together, we can shine light into darkness as we all help change lives…one heart at a time!

Each session has its own unique flavor just as each group does. Come as often as you like. Share the experience with your friends, family, and neighbors. God always has something special in store.

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