My Soul Waits for God Alone

Lo Alaman is noted for his poetry and the beauty of his spoken word.  You can hear him speak these powerful words at the end of the song on the link provided.  This video was recorded during a service at our church and my husband and I were both moved as his words unfolded around us.  In fact, it was during this service that the name “Mosaics of Mercy” stirred in the soul of one of the main creators of this site.  Lo was so kind to let us use this phrase for our ministry.  The words he spoke over our congregation that evening were a powerful confirmation for us that our ministry is unfolding according to God’s plans.  The following words were particularly impactful:

“May we see your love in the artist of your grace

You turn silence into canvas

A place for you to reveal your true colors

And make something beautiful out of our lives

We wait like blank sheets dreaming of what you might draw out of us

As you fashion our fragments into mosaics of mercy

And a masterpiece that surpasses all understanding

May faith teach our hearts the art of waiting

As we learn how to call these stories beautiful

For the days when we don’t feel worth a second glance

Our hope remains in the one who can’t take His eyes off of us

And in what source may we find more hope that this.”

May these words of truth wash over your soul and provide you peace and healing.  God uses each and every fragment of your life to form beautiful Mosaics of Mercy!


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