/RE•PUR•POSE/ Def. verb adapt for use in a different purpose.
We love the work we get to do. We were created for it…but some days are hard work days and others, like yesterday, are just pure fun! You see, we have recently been gifted with increased space for Mosaics of Mercy and are working hard to prepare it for the number of volunteers and sessions and meetings and on and on that it will house. So we went shopping, and with limited ministry funds we found some incredible finds at Round Top. My favorite find of the day are these authentic German Biergarten tables and benches. I love the idea of repurposing, using something that was actually intended for something else. It’s fun, creative and unexpected. No doubt there has been a LOT of celebration and drinking done at these tables we found, and now they will be used for celebrating something quite different.

What needs repurpose in your life? What has been repurposed that needs restoration? You know what I love? The fact that God was the originator of all things…I find that sometimes I repurpose things in my life that were never meant to be used in that way. Relationships, food, my creativity.
Think about some things that you may have repurposed in your life. I have found that a life in recovery has allowed me to look at those things, and sometimes I have given God access to restore those things to their original beauty.


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