Adolescents / Teens

 For information on area Support Groups for teens, visit this link on our Mosaics web site.

Pamela Ball,

Erin Boehme, LPC-Intern

Cheryl Butler, LPC

Kellie Cole, LPC, RPT-S, CPRT

Priscilla Cote, LPC
14 and up

Adam Bertoch, MS, LCDC, LMFT
Trauma-informed Care, Addiction Recovery, Teens Transition to Adults

Carla CalderasMA, LPC

Bridget Caletka, LPC
Crisis Intervention Service for Organizations, Adolescents and Parents, Life Coaching and Teen Specific Coaching, Grief and Loss

Meghan Castillo, LMFT

Anne Causey, LPC

Molly Cunningham, LPC-I
Self Esteem, Anxiety, Relationship Issues

Melissa Engel, MA, LPC
The Woodlands Family Institute
HS Students Transitioning to College, Major Life Changes

Christie Farris, LPC/LMFT

Kim Fitzgerald, PhD, LPC, RPT-S

Dana Hahn, LPC-S, LMFT-S
DBT Certified

Lauren Hollis, LPC
Guest on Hope Pieced Together episode 16
Acute and Chronic Medical Trauma

Merrisa Hughes, LPC
Children & Adults, Body Image, ADHD, Depression, At-Risk Youth

Susan Kiefaber, LMFT

Mary Lambrecht, LMFT

Rosie Lasitier, PhD, Child psychologist
OCD, psychological testing

Jessica Leger, LCSW, RPT
Ages 1-17,  Attachment issues

Shaun Lester, PhD, LPC-S
Binge eating, Wilderness weekends for adolescents

Catherine Lunde, LPC   
The Woodlands Family Counseling Center
ADHD, Tourette’s and Ticks, Parents, Social Skills

Tammy Markle, Pastoral Counselor, FBEAP
Equine therapy
Program Offered: TEAM
rinity Equine Assisted Mentoring
Free 4 hour program for at-risk teens (12+)
Email to apply:

Maureen McClelland, LPC, RN, BSN
The Woodlands Family Counseling Center
Depression, Anxiety, Medical issues, Students needing organizational/study skills

Kelly Myer, LCSW
Anxiety, Depression, Behavior Issues

Janet Nicholas, LPC, LCDC
Equine Therapy, Placement Services

Josh Parham, LPC
The Woodlands Family Institute
Teens & Young Adults in Transitions

David Parmer, MA, LPC 

Brandi Peterson, MA, LPC, LMFT
Family Relationships, Addiction, High Conflict Families During/Post Divorce, Trained Parent Facilitator

Haley Pettigrew, LMFT, LCDC, RPT-1
The Center for Hope & Healing

Jennifer Piede, LPC, MSEd, NCC
Brain Spotting services

Carolyn Robistow, M.Ed., LPC
Featured in Hope Pieced Together podcast episode 14 and episode 19
Brain Spotting services, High Achievers

Hannah Shaw, LPC

Dana Spinler, MA, LPC

Tessa Stuckey, MA, LPC
Featured in Hope Pieced Together podcast episode 5
The Woodlands Family Institute
Group for teen girls, Sex education, Life transitions for women

Heidi Velez, LPC
Phone: 281-367-0733
Testing for ADD, Children of Divorce, Transition to College

Whitcomb Terpening, LCSW / The Semicolon Group
Featured in Hope Pieced Together podcast Episode 18
Suicidal ideation
See Suicide Prevention training on our web site

Dr. Ashley Ward, LPC, EDD (Education)
Schizophrenia, ODD, Anxiety, Depression

Haley Way, LPC
14 and up, Life Transitions

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