Jodi Arego, LPC-A, NCC
Adults and Teens

Marcia Baker, PhD, LPC, LCDC
Including Health Related, Yoga, Nutrition, Sleep Issues

Scarlett Badal-Oroumieh, LCSW
Life Transitions

Nicole Bankhead, LPC
Trauma, Eating Disorders

Rob Benson, LPC
(Ages 14 and up)

Shannon Blum, LMFT, CCATPCA, CEDS 
Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional for Adolescents, DBT
Guest on Hope Pieced Together episode 40:Anxiety in Children & Teens

Erik Boie, LCSW

Wendy Breuckner, LPC

Jeff Brown, LPC (Houston)
Alethia Counseling
10 & Up

Kasey Byrd, LPC, CSC

Tarah Cambron, LPC

Anne Causey

Priscilla Cote, LPC
14 and up

Melissa Engel, MA, LPC
The Woodlands Family Institute

Brittany Gilchrist, MA, LPC, CEDS

Robin Gandara, LPC

Karen Gresham, LPC, CSC, ASCA

Jennifer Hanson, LCSW
OCD Specialist

Merrissa Hughes, LPC
Children & Adults, Body Image, ADHD, Depression, At-Risk Youth
Guest on Hope Pieced Together episode 23:  Bullying & Mental Health 

Deborah Imhoff, LPC-S
Ages 12 and up

Dora Jimenez, LPC

Charlotte Judd, LPC (Conroe)
Chronic illness/pain

Adrienne Langlier, LPC
Eating disorders, Athletes

Rosie Lasitier, PhD, Child psychologist 
Call:  713-914-9944

Ali Lichty, LPC
Woodlands Family Institute
Ages 13 and up, Adults

John Loh, LMFT – A
Men’s Issues, 13 & Up

Catherine Lunde, LPC   
The Woodlands Family Counseling Center
ADHD, Tourette’s and Ticks, Parents, Social Skills

Sabeeha Kathrada, LPA
Teens/Young Adults

Jesse Moller, LCSW
Also Elderly mental health specialty

Maureen McClelland, LPC, RN, BSN
McClelland Counseling
Medical issues, Students needing organizational/study skills
Guest on Hope Pieced Together podcast episode 44:  Grief and Loss of a Spouse

Jennifer Metzler, LMFT, LPC
6 and up, Hypnosis, EMDR

Alyssa Meyers, LPC

Julie Nieto, LPC, LMFT

Susan Novak, PhD, LPC

Dwan Milam-Reed, Ph.D., LCSW, CCATP

Sisily Rainey, LPC

Carolyn Robistow, M.Ed., LPC
Featured on Hope Pieced Together episode 14 and episode 19
High Achievers with Anxiety

Joy Ryan, LPC, RPT
Connect Psychological Services
Guest on Hope Pieced Together episode 42:  OCD in Children and Teens

Kyle Sommers, LPC
Adult and Teen Males
Guest on Hope Pieced Together episode 36: Men’s Mental Health

Lona Snell, LPC-I
Adults and Adolescents
Guest on Hope Pieced Together podcast Episode 20:  Caring for Our First Responders

Danielle Spaulding, LPC

Genette Stanton, M.Ed., LPC, NCC
(Accepts insurance) Ages 12+

Dr. Christina Story

Susan Taylor-Gol, LPC
Holistic Healing

Megan Townsen, MA, DTS (Houston)
Alethia Counseling
18 and up

Hannah Wadsworth, LCSW

Haley Way, LPC
Millenials /Young Professionals

Ashley White, LPC
In Houston/Virtual, 15 and up

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