Carla Calderas, MA, LPC-S

Anne Causey, LPC

Lorissa Eichenberger, LMFT

Kristina Farmer, LMFT    
Women, Heartsync, Dissociative Disorders

Christie Farris, LPC/LMFT   +
Couples/EFT,  Whole Families

Kim Fitzgerald, PhD, LPC, RPT-S B
Adolescents and Family

Mary Frank, LPC 
Certified sex therapist, Physical intimacy issues with couples

Susan Kiefaber, LMFT

Shaun Lester, PhD, LPC-S

Carla Litzsey, LPC-Intern

Tammy Markle, Pastoral Counselor, FBEAP
Equine therapy

Teresa Mohr, LMFT, RPT
Parenting, Co-Parenting

Jesse Moller, LCSW
Couples, Families, and Older Adults

Janet Nicholas, LPC, LCDC
Equine Therapy, Blended Families, Marriage, Divorce

David Parmer, MA, LPC 
Couples/Family therapy

Dana Spinler, MA, LPC- Intern

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