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The sculpture by Cindy Burden entitled “Sweet Encouragement” is one that I have found inspirational in my walk.  I have not had to walk my journey in recovery alone.  God has given me women to walk along side me and share their experience, strength, and hope.  There have been times that due to my struggle with the mental illness of depression that I have lost sight of God and the hope that He provides.  There are two particular women who continuously help me lift my eyes to Him when I can’t do it for myself.  I am so grateful that God put them in my life to show me such love and encouragement and that they didn’t teach me to dependent on them, but pointed me to a God who would never fail me.  I gave this sculpture to them both.  One of the women took her sculpture on a mission trip to Kenya.  She used the statue to talk to the women there about encouraging each other in their walks.  At the end of her trip, she left her statue with the women in Kenya as a reminder of her time with them and the message she hoped that they would live out.  I love knowing that women across the world have the statue and the message of the power of reaching out to women to walk with you in your journey!  My hearts desire is give the gift of friendship and encouragement  to others that has been given to me.


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