The second population that is part of our mission are those moving toward addiction recovery. One in seven people age twelve and older in our community are affected by addictions to alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs. Within this population there is a rapidly growing opioid epidemic that has resulted in a 4.1 fold increase in overdose deaths from 2002-2017. Other rapidly growing segments of addiction are sex and pornography, technology, gaming, and gambling addictions.

Addiction does not just impact the individual affected. It has a cascading effect on families, friends, and their extended community(like co-workers).

Addiction is often referred to as false connections made with a substance vs true connections made with ourselves, our purpose, our hearts, God, and other people. Recovery for the addicted individual and those surrounding them has the foundational element of forming true connections. This is why such success has been found in twelve step programs where true connections are formed with a Higher Power, a purpose, and a community. Portugal has also shown strong evidence of this by experiencing a fifty percent drop in addiction through implementing a program that creates connections between the addict and their community.

Mosaics believes strongly in empowering true connections for your unique recovery journey and envisions a community that allows true connections to thrive!


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