Kristen Minor of Whaleok made this beautiful mosaic necklace as a gift for the creator of Beauty in Brokenness. It is filled with semiprecious stones and aesthetically striking. She is a gifted artist who created a perfect rendition of the symbol of our ministry. So often works of art are tangible representations of meaningful things in our lives. Every time I see the necklace around my friend’s neck, I immediately get goosebumps. I think of the impact I know that she is making by leading groups in the process of Beauty in Brokenness and the conversations she is starting around mental illness and addiction. In my mind, I picture the person who is feeling alone and broken and receives one of the mosaic hearts that are made and prayed over just for them.

The stories of the healing impact of having people come beside them in prayer and community scroll through my mind. I contemplate the conversations that start when someone compliments her necklace and she shares the ministry that she is an integral part of. I envision that person needing to hear that information at that exact moment in their life. So, while Kristen was creating a beautiful necklace, it has so much more significance than just a piece of jewelry. It is the spark for lives to be impacted, conversation to be started, and prayers to be shared. The back of the heart is inscribed with Proverbs 3:3. “Let love and faithfulness never leave you, bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.” It was from this verse that the Heart Tablet group formed as a place of community and prayer for individuals and families struggling with mental illness and addiction. The picture shows you a small heart, but the reality is the heart is overflowing with meaning!


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