What is your calming place?

The most common statement I receive is without a doubt “I could not do what you are doing.” My answer is always “of course, you could.” Some days/hours are harder than others, but wasn’t that also the case when we were younger raising our children? Most days I feel so blessed with the joys in my life. Besides the joy of my little buddy, this parenting experience has led me to some of the strongest people I could have ever hoped to meet….other grandparents raising their beloved grandchildren.⁣

This past month I’ve been in my happiest place of the year, sharing parts of the month with my parents, husband, youngest daughter, the best of girlfriends, and some new friends (that always happens here!). For 12 years, I’ve been fortunate to spend considerable time in the summer in the Rocky Mountains. For that gift, I never forget to sing my praises. It is what sustains me for the rest of the year in Houston and gives me the ability to comfort others and offer hope in difficult situations. When I need to calm myself on a rough day, I find a quiet place, close my eyes and put myself back in my blue kayak in the center of the lake looking up to God over the Rocky Mountains all around me. This is so calming. He listens. He answers. Have you tried it? ⁣

⁣I’ll be back in Houston starting in August but a shard of my heart always remains in Pagosa Springs. I ask that each of you say a little prayer right now for my special community raising their grandchildren and the next time you see one of them, give them a hug, a prayer, and make this statement instead “What a blessing you are.”


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